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Edmonton home builders blog post

Home Builders in Edmonton - Which kind is best for you?

As you start your search for a new home in Edmonton, you'll quickly realize that there are a ton of options available to you. There's a multitude of different home builders that all have their unique approach. Each home builder has a different focus, and there's two distinct parts that you'll notice right away. The production style home builder, and the custom home builder. As with anything, there's pro's and con's to each and we've put together a few key pieces of information to help you educate yourself and ultimately make the right decision for you and your family. 






Production style home builders in Edmonton

This kind of home builder in Edmonton approaches the market by trying to standardize as much as possible in order to have a quicker build and try to keep prices a bit lower. They typically also choose to remain closer to the building code in terms of upgrades, and offer them as an option to add on. Usually, targeting a specific price point and they'll build quite a few quick possession homes. This can offer great opportunities for first time home buyers, those that may or may not have access to a larger down payment and those who need a home quickly. In this area of home builders you'll find those that have a lot of communities with lots of different home types. Again, these are great for those that may be looking to purchase a lower costing home with a more subtle level of upgrades and inclusions. Production style home builders tend to stick to new communities as it offers a better process that's inline with their business goals. 







Custom style home builders in Edmonton

Custom home builders are just that, custom in design and build. With this type of home builder, the sky is the limit. Most people whom have built a few times choose to go the custom route. With choosing a custom home builder you'll get the ability to get more of what you want, the time to explore options and tailor a home specifically to you. 


With the custom home building sphere is a few different types of businesses. Usually, you'll find some that are single operators, basically a one person operation that does 1-5 homes per year on a cost plus basis. Up from that, you'll have the home builders that do 10-40 that have a mix of models, semi custom and full custom homes. Up from there, you'll have some that build larger volumes, but focus more towards a production style approach than a custom style approach. 


Custom builders usually build almost anywhere their clients want, from new communities to exploring infill homes in mature areas. 




How does Kanvi do it?

We started off as a custom home builder, focusing on larger projects. We've seen a demand from our clientele that want a custom level of craftsmanship, and an experience to match. We straddle a few different parts, we build quick possessions, models and larger custom bespoke homes. Our approach has been to have a high level of design with our in-house team of experts, focusing on modern design and inclusions that are seen in homes costing significantly more. 


Thank you for reading up on the two different approaches home builders have here in Edmonton, check out our blog for more information on home building, why we focus on modern design and more!


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