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How to pick between a builder-design and a design firm with a general contractor for your custom or infill home in Edmonton.

When you're thinking of building a custom home, especially when looking at building an infill in Edmonton you'll see lot of amazing options. There's quite a few builders that can create custom homes, but how they do it can vary dramatically. When you're planning a custom home or... read more.

Want to build a custom home in Edmonton? Learn the different pricing options of Cost Plus vs. Fixed Cost

Custom homes can be quite the adventure. You'll take a look at the best of what our industry has to offer and pick the builder that fits your style. When you're thinking of building a custom home in Edmonton, the sky is the limit, you can almost do anything. One of the... read more.

Top 5 questions to ask your home builder when visiting show homes

No two homes are built alike. Home construction is mostly a handmade product with a variety of processes and people along the way. Comparing homes from an ‘apples to apples’ perspective is quite hard, as no two home builders are the same. While you’re out looking at show homes... read more.

What does cost per square foot really mean?

Part of the home building journey for most includes researching all your options. Chances are you've likely had a discussion with a custom home builder about the cost per square foot either in person or through a conversation online. You might be asking yourself what does this... read more.

Kanvi Clients: Jayshree and Subrata

Relocating from Westlock to Edmonton in late 2016, Jayshree and Subrata had a condo in the city, but they needed a home for their family of four. Initially, the couple were in opposition: Jayshree wanted a ready-built home and Subrata wanted to build his dream home: “I was keen... read more.

Want a flat roof design? Learn more here.

  Flat roof designs first gained popularity with arrival of modernist architecture about 100 years ago. Since then they have become common practice for nearly all our large buildings today from innovative hospitals to impressive commercial developments. Traditionally, home... read more.

Kanvi Clients: Sam and Monica

Pragmatic and precise, Sam and Monica are a couple who not only know what they want, but always have a plan. Research and analysis isn’t just part of their careers, it’s in their DNA. By analyzing and assessing their parents’ homes, their former homes, and show homes, Sam and... read more.

How to assemble your new home wishlist

A home is more than a place where you live. It's more than a place to store your furniture, it's a piece of your family and it should be catered to the life you want. You want a home that can make your life better and that comes from your wish list. Establishing a wish list is a... read more.

New and upcoming schools in our communities

If you have a family or are planning one soon one of the decisions you'll have to face is where the kids will be attending school. If you've already read What to consider when choosing your community you know how important balancing all the factors, including a new school, can... read more.

Kanvi Clients: Carolyn and Marc

The den, typically an office, was changed into a cozy TV room, great for Netflix nights! Carolyn and Marc are decisive, unequivocal, and particular – almost systematic – in how they plan. Curating pieces for their home and collecting inspirational images, they know what they... read more.