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Welcome to the Kanvi Homes Blog. 

Discover topics around building a home, how to learn more about the process and Kanvi. 

5 Reasons to Live in Arbours of Keswick

From young professionals and first-time home buyers to growing families and move-up buyers to even retirees and empty nesters, Arbours of Keswick is the perfect community for all life stages. read more.

7 Reasons to Live in Jagare Ridge

Whether you're searching for your very first home or looking to build the home of your dreams, one of the most important factors influencing your decision is choosing the right community for you and your family to live in. read more.

5 Reasons You Need a Wine Cellar In Your Home

From serious oenophiles (a connoisseur of wines) to budding homebrewers to those who simply enjoy a casual glass of wine at dinner, wine cellars are quickly becoming a must-have luxury feature of any modern home. While the traditional wine cellar of the past has typically been... read more.

Meet Our Team - Donna MacPhee, Client Experience Assistant

In our ongoing blog series, we’ll introduce you to key members of our award-winning team at Kanvi Homes that you'll have the opportunity to interact and engage with throughout your homebuying journey with us. Today, we're excited to introduce you to our Client Experience... read more.

2023 Interior Design Trends

In our latest ongoing interior design series, we'll explore the most popular interior design trends that are guaranteed to fill up your Instagram feed, TikTok For You Page, and Pinterest mood boards this year. read more.

Essential Spring Home Maintenance Guide & Checklist

In our ongoing seasonal series entitled the Essential Guide to Home Maintenance, we’ll share our best home maintenance tips to ensure your home is prepared for the changing seasons. Today, we’ll review our spring home maintenance checklist to learn how to properly prepare your... read more.

Meet Our Team - Chris Chiu, Client Experience Manager

In our latest blog series, we’ll introduce you to key members of our award-winning team at Kanvi Homes that you'll have the opportunity to interact and engage with throughout your homebuying journey with us. First up, we’re thrilled to introduce you to Chris Chiu, our Client... read more.

Kanvi Homes named Finalist for 8 CHBA Awards of Excellence in Housing

Kanvi Homes is thrilled to announce we've been named a finalist for a record-tying 8 Canadian Home Builders' Association (CHBA) - Edmonton Region Awards of Excellence in Housing! read more.

Essential Home Maintenance Guide & Checklist—Winterizing Your Home

In a new seasonal series entitled the Essential Guide to Home Maintenance, we’ll share our best home maintenance tips to ensure your home is prepared for the changing seasons. Today, we’ll review our winter home maintenance checklist to learn how to properly winterize your home... read more.

How to figure out what’s important to you for your new home.

When your building a new custom home in Edmonton, there's some parts that need to be thought of with a list of priorities. Every client will have a budget that they've set for their comfort and how the home is built, where some upgrades are added and other areas minimised will... read more.

Top 10 features that are signature Kanvi

Our homes are easy to recognise and our clients comment on how they feel different. We've got features that are part of our signature style. Over the years, we've refined these features and pushed the boundaries, and added more as more options become available. Check out the top... read more.

What to expect with your new home during the construction process.

Building a home is a guided process that has lots of pieces that come together at various stages over about a year of construction. There's a lot that goes into the planning, execution and making sure everything is done right. read more.

The Art and Science of Kanvi: Staircase design and structure

Stairs in any Kanvi home are more than just a functional component that move you through the home - they're design focal point that we use to enhance the overall beauty of a home. read more.

Custom Home Deposits and Financing

While you're looking for a new custom home, deposits and financing will be big parts of the discussion. There will be lots of questions around the deposit structure, financing type and what's best for you and a home builder to achieve your dream home. We've prepared here, how we... read more.

What is included in a Purchase Agreement.

The Purchase agreement is just that, an agreement between you and Kanvi that talks about everything that we're doing for you, and what in turn we need from you. read more.

Why you shouldn’t use a cost pre square foot metric for comparison purposes.

What is cost per square foot? One of the many metrics that are used to build your new home is the cost per square foot. The easy math is the price of the home (without land) divided by it's size. Usually flat items (like flooring) are pretty easy and always calculated this way.... read more.

How to read lot maps

At the writing of this article, there is a shortage of available lots to build on. Each new neighbourhood will present a lot map, and there's lots of information that can be missed if not reviewed properly. In this blog post, we'll detail what to be on the look out for and how... read more.

The art and science of Kanvi: energy efficiency and the building envelope

There are lots of pieces of your home that have a significant impact on how efficient it can be. One of the most is the building envelope. This is where you can really push to make sure the home is nicely sealed, gaining energy efficiency for years to come. read more.

What is Redlining?

If you're exploring any home builders in Edmonton, you've probably heard about redlining. Redlining is usually the first part of the process, and we'll detail here the parts and why it's an important factor to focus on for your new home. Redlining is where the ideas we talk... read more.

Why are prices increasing in 2021?

If you're looking to buy a home in early 2021, you'll be hearing that pricing will be increasing for most home builders. There's lots of factors at play that force home builders to increase prices related to the commodity market, continued COVID-19 restrictions around work place... read more.

Infill Builders in Edmonton | Kanvi Homes

As your daily commute leads you into the Edmonton core, you may be passing by older communities of character and thinking “How interesting would it be to live here?” Curiosity sets in and the possibilities start to unfold. At this point, you’re beginning to imagine your next... read more.

Kanvi's Online Portal

We believe in transparency, so we want to give you access to the same tools our teams use. This way, you'll be able to see what's happening with your home and when. During the process of building your home, you'll naturally be curious to what's happening. Usually, you'd have to... read more.

What happens when we're designing your preliminary floor plans?

When you're exploring any custom home builder you'll go through the process of changing plans and having our team submit plans to be reviewed and compiled. At Kanvi, we have a process that's designed to make sure we're fully getting all the details on paper. We also have a... read more.

Sustainable Features in every Kanvi Home

Building Envelope How your home is sealed from the elements greatly effects the amount your HVAC systems are running. The way that the seal is measured is called the 'air exchanges per hour' or the 'A.C.H.' rating. This rating measures how many times in one hour, that the air in... read more.

New Homes in Jagare Ridge - Kanvi Homes in this new neighborhood

Jagare Ridge is a masterfully planned new community in South West Edmonton, and offers a rare amenity, being surrounded by a Golf Course. New homes in Jagare Ridge can have breathtaking views of the golf course, surrounded by amazing architecture and more. Check out below for a... read more.

Home Builders in Edmonton - Which kind is best for you?

As you start your search for a new home in Edmonton, you'll quickly realize that there are a ton of options available to you. There's a multitude of different home builders that all have their unique approach. Each home builder has a different focus, and there's two distinct... read more.

Custom Infill Home Builder - Kanvi Homes

If you didn't know already, we're a fully capable custom infill home builder in Edmonton. When you're choosing whom to build you next home, especially a custom infill home, there's lots of options. You'll be comparing general contractor versus home builders, how to get your... read more.

How to buy a home during COVID19

We're following the guidelines from the Canadian and Alberta Governments. During this time the safety of our team, partners and our clients is paramount. We're here for those that need a home now, or would like to continue researching home builders at this time. We've designed... read more.

Community Profile: Jagare Ridge

The community of Jagare Ridge in Edmonton offers a delightful wonder; a golf course community located within city limits. Situated in the Whitemud Creek Ravine, the community is in a remarkable area. Calling the southwest home caters to many families deciding to build their new... read more.

Keswick Edmonton | Arbours Of Keswick Community Profile

As Edmonton’s southwest side continues to expand its new home offerings, Arbours of Keswick offers a charming community rife with prestige and elegance. Providing homeowners with elegance at every price point, Arbours of Keswick seamlessly blends estate homes, single family... read more.

Client Interview: Caroline and Ian

Caroline and Ian decided a few years ago that an infill was the way to go for them, during their research Kanvi was discovered and chosen. Read below to learn more about their journey with Kanvi. Walk me through the decision process of ‘why did we pick Kanvi?’ read more.

How to properly read floor plans and what details to look for.

While you're searching for the perfect home on the perfect lot, all of the home builders in Edmonton will start you with a few key documents. You'll get their standard construction specification (find out how to read those here), the community maps and their floor plans. We've... read more.

New Homes Available in Cavanagh

Crowned by the stunning nature of the Blackmud Creek Ravine, Edmonton’s southwest community of Cavanagh is designed to offer a unique connection to both quiet nature and vibrant lifestyles. Its strategic location is right on the pulse of the city’s energetic southwest. read more.

Kanvi Clients: Brad and Leanne

Choosing to build again was an easy decision for Brad and Leanne, but finding the right home builder that had the right people to help them through the process and take the time to understand them was key. read more.

CHBA Edmonton 2020 Awards of Excellence - Kanvi Finalists

As an active member of the Canadian Home Builders' Association we enter in a mix of client homes and new show homes in the CHBA Awards of Excellence. read more.

Custom Home builders in Edmonton - a definitive checklist

While you're looking at custom home builders in Edmonton, you should be trying to compare them side by side with the specifications and processes that align with what you value. Each custom home builder has their unique approach on building a home and we've prepared this... read more.

How to understand the difference between a home builder and general contractor.

When deciding how and with whom to build your ideal new home, there are myriad choices to make in terms of style, size, capacity, finishes, among so many others. But when building a custom home, there is one additional decision to be made, and that is whether to use a... read more.

Show home lease back questions and answers

You might have heard about a lease back from a home builder before. There's a few things to know and we're here to explain how we do it. Below are the most common questions and answers that we face. read more.

Walk through the LUX

Welcome to our LUX model sitting at 2552 Sq.Ft. fitting a 32 pocket lot size. You will recognize all our signature feature items but where this plan truly shines is the open to above foyer that is the visual impact to greet your friends and family. The dropped foyer integrates a... read more.

Kanvi Clients: Stephen and Chelsea

Stephen has been a part of the Kanvi family, since almost day one. Stephen is the owner of the Sicilian Pasta Kitchen, and has always been a lover of modern design. Back when Kanvi was just starting out, Stephen discovered Kanvi and fell in love. In 2008, when Kanvi was launched... read more.

Walk through the GENESIS

The Genesis - designed to fit a 26 Pocket size without the skinny feel. As with all our models we can retro fit this plan to your size and this particular design starts at 2271 Square Feet and has options at 2054 Square Feet without losing that “Kanvi” feel. The versatility of... read more.

Walk through the FUSION

The Fusion…our signature home where it all began. This always popular plan sits at 3052 Sq.Ft. fitting a 36 pocket lot size that has 3 bedrooms up and a flex room with walk in closet on the main floor that can be a fourth bedroom. The home boasts 3 full bathrooms including one... read more.

The Kanvi way: Discovery Meeting

How we approach making the perfect custom home for you is essential in doing it well. Before pen goes to paper, we want to take the necessary time to understand your thoughts on a home, how you'll use it and all the nuanced details that complete the puzzle. This way, we're fully... read more.

Top 8 ART & SCIENCE Standards in a Kanvi Home Construction

The ART & SCIENCE behind Kanvi is to lead in construction, design and client experience. We think it's important to include great features in all our homes. Many times we walk through show homes and get excited about the beautiful features; to find out these features aren’t... read more.

How to pick between a builder-design and a design firm with a general contractor for your custom or infill home in Edmonton.

When you're thinking of building a custom home, especially when looking at building an infill in Edmonton you'll see lot of amazing options. There's quite a few builders that can create custom homes, but how they do it can vary dramatically. When you're planning a custom home or... read more.

Want to build a custom home in Edmonton? Learn the different pricing options of Cost Plus vs. Fixed Cost

Custom homes can be quite the adventure. You'll take a look at the best of what our industry has to offer and pick the builder that fits your style. When you're thinking of building a custom home in Edmonton, the sky is the limit, you can almost do anything. One of the... read more.

Top 5 questions to ask your home builder when visiting show homes

No two homes are built alike. Home construction is mostly a handmade product with a variety of processes and people along the way. Comparing homes from an ‘apples to apples’ perspective is quite hard, as no two home builders are the same. While you’re out looking at show homes... read more.

How to understand cost per square foot

Part of the home building journey for most includes researching all your options. Chances are you've likely had a discussion with a custom home builder about the cost per square foot either in person or through a conversation online. You might be asking yourself what does this... read more.

Kanvi Clients: Jayshree and Subrata

Relocating from Westlock to Edmonton in late 2016, Jayshree and Subrata had a condo in the city, but they needed a home for their family of four. Initially, the couple were in opposition: Jayshree wanted a ready-built home and Subrata wanted to build his dream home: “I was keen... read more.

Want a flat roof design? Learn more here.

Flat roof designs first gained popularity with arrival of modernist architecture about 100 years ago. Since then they have become common practice for nearly all our large buildings today from innovative hospitals to impressive commercial developments. Traditionally, home owners... read more.

Kanvi Clients: Sam and Monica

Pragmatic and precise, Sam and Monica are a couple who not only know what they want, but always have a plan. Research and analysis isn’t just part of their careers, it’s in their DNA. By analyzing and assessing their parents’ homes, their former homes, and show homes, Sam and... read more.

How to assemble your new home wishlist

A home is more than a place where you live. It's more than a place to store your furniture, it's a piece of your family and it should be catered to the life you want. You want a home that can make your life better and that comes from your wish list. Establishing a wish list is a... read more.

New and upcoming schools in our communities

If you have a family or are planning one soon one of the decisions you'll have to face is where the kids will be attending school. If you've already read What to consider when choosing your community you know how important balancing all the factors, including a new school, can... read more.

Kanvi Clients: Carolyn and Marc

The den, typically an office, was changed into a cozy TV room, great for Netflix nights! Carolyn and Marc are decisive, unequivocal, and particular – almost systematic – in how they plan. Curating pieces for their home and collecting inspirational images, they know what they... read more.

Ready to get your new home? Read this first.

Have you decided it's time? Ready to realize your dream home? That's great, and we're honoured that you would consider Kanvi. Building a home is a complex and complicated process with many moving parts. We want you to understand all the different parts where you're involved, and... read more.

Behind the curtains of Kanvi

At Kanvi, we’ve worked hard to create modern, beautiful homes that are second -to-none. We’ve also strategically evolved our client experience to offer transparency and to have a process that’s easy to understand and be accountable to our clients. That’s what we’re known for,... read more.

What to Consider When Choosing Your Community

Building a home means making decisions – a lot of them. From floorplans to exterior finishes, from colour palettes to window treatments, from appliances to shelving, from light fixtures to automation, making these decisions can be overwhelming (which is why we make this process... read more.

Kanvi’s Awards: The Soho

Known not just for our homebuilding but also our customer service, Kanvi continually lands finalist spots at home building awards like the Canadian Home Builders’ Association Awards of Excellence in Housing. We don’t like to play favourites with our Kanvi homes, but one of our... read more.

Kanvi Clients: Taylor and Joanna

As home builders, we have clients who aren’t sure what they want and need guidance throughout the process and we have clients who know exactly want they want and communicate it. Joanna and Taylor are the latter: refreshingly direct and straightforward, they know who they are,... read more.

Builder Story: Quality Management

In order to give our clients peace of mind, quality management is at the heart of our construction process from floor plans to design selections, from customization to the moment you walk in the door of your new home. We measure the quality of our homes in terms of performance,... read more.

Kanvi Clients: The Lee Family

A family of travelers, the Lees are also homebodies and hosts, frequently entertaining friends and family in their Kanvi home, a customized Aurora. Parents to a six-year-old son and a nine-year-old daughter, Peter and Melodie Lee wanted to upsize to a home that would give their... read more.

Kanvi Story: Giving Our Clients Peace of Mind

When people think about building their dream home, their faces literally glow, their eyes light up, and their smiles are infectious – the excitement and anticipation of limitless possibility is palpable, it’s one the reasons we’re in the home building business. But despite... read more.

How Kanvi Does It: Preparing to Make Design Selections

At Kanvi, we design modern homes with a distinctive, personalized sense of place, so the design selection process is crucial to capturing your family’s preferences and personality. As we discussed in the post on our approach to home building, the process begins with your wish... read more.

Kanvi Clients: The Trương Family

The Trươngs are the family behind Mini Mango, a Vietnamese restaurant in Ellerslie that offers quick and healthy Vietnamese fare with a philosophy centred on gratitude and hospitality. In 2013, as Nghĩa and Nin's family of four began outgrowing their two-bedroom condo, they... read more.

The Kanvi Style of Home Building in Edmonton

We want to build the home you need and the home you want. Modern design, quality construction, and a calm professional process form the foundation of the Kanvi Approach to Home Building. Our custom, modern homes are designed to create a sense of place that suits your... read more.

Manning Village New Home Community Profile

Manning Village is nestled along Manning Drive in North Edmonton and offers great proximity to amazing amenities for those interested in a new home from an Edmonton new home builder. The new community in Edmonton is designed around the feeling of a village, where you have... read more.

Custom design features unique to your home

Every year our clients at Kanvi get to design the home of their dreams. Whether it’s adding a fascinating fireplace or an extraordinary ensuite, memorable details can be seen at every corner. One of the most enjoyable aspects of what we do is the understanding of the inspiration... read more.

Winter Home Maintenance

We've long anticipated the cold, winter season and December has finally annouced it's arrival delivering residents with plenty of snow and ice. For awhile our mild weather had made it hard to remember when to check up on our seasonal maintenance. If you’ve done so already,... read more.

Built Green® Requirements and Advantages

As you research the components of your next home build you may run into questions about the impact your home will make on the environment. Keeping check with your environmental footprint while incorporating healthy, comfortable living is becoming increasingly more common with... read more.

The process and planning of a custom home.

The true beauty of a custom home is reflected in each owner’s unique taste. Rather than adapting to a space designed for another, a custom home can give you the control to personalize the way you live. In some cases having the ability to add or remove elements can improve the... read more.

Selecting the right flooring for your new home

We know that designing your new home is creating a truly personalized atmosphere. Setting the tone for your home also includes selecting the best flooring for all your unique spaces. From the mudroom to the ensuite, the right flooring can complement your lifestyle with the right... read more.

Insulation 101

Whether you are looking to build a new home or buying a resale property, paying close attention to the insulation in your home is important when it comes to your comfort and cost savings. Home builders in Edmonton and St.Albert can easily combine the right amount of insulation... read more.

One at Keswick Community Profile

With the incredible demand for modern and contemporary neighborhoods, the One at Keswick is steadily becoming a great choice for families in southwest of Edmonton. Sister to the One at Windermere, the One at Keswick provides all the necessities close to home. This fresh and... read more.

Pros and Cons of Building a Walkout Home

When selecting the best home for your lifestyle there is quite a bit to be considered. Part of the decision falls upon choosing that perfect lot with the right floorplan. With great communities offering a variety of lots, walkout homes are becoming a great choice with families... read more.

One at Windermere Community Profile

In the search for the latest south west community? The community of One at Windermere takes a modern edge on Edmonton homes styles and offers a variety of contemporary looks to compliment your lifestyle. Serene lakeside views combined with an integrated walkway system allow... read more.

Jensen Lakes Community Profile

Community Jensen Lakes is the newest lake community in the greater Edmonton Area. Located in the North West of St.Albert, Jensen Lakes will be a premier community that feels like it's on the west coast. Jensen Lakes introduces lake living with a beautiful beach called... read more.

Ambleside in Windermere Community Profile

Community Ambleside in Windermere is a community almost completed, but there is still availability to call this neighborhood home. Ambleside is conveniently located close to Terwillegar and Riverbend. Ambleside has quick access to the Terwillegar Rec. Centre, shopping at... read more.

How to work with a home builder for the exterior of your new home

You’ve worked with your home builder, you’ve found the perfect lot, an amazing floor plan and you’ve decided this will be your new home. You’ve gone through the purchase agreement, and you’re happy to say you’ve made your decisions wisely for your new home. read more.

A walk through the SOHO.

Interested in building a modern or contemporary home? Can't visit one of our show homes? Don't worry! Here's a walk through of one of our show homes, the SOHO. We've built the SOHO in communities such as Ambleside in Windermere, on the Jagare Ridge Golf Course and in Erin Ridge... read more.

How to Define Value in a New Home.

When you’re looking to choose your home builder in Edmonton or St. Albert, the best way to select them is by defining their value. Value and price aren’t mutually exclusive, as value is different for every person. Today, it seems like there’s too many promotions and discounts to... read more.

How to Read Home Builders' Construction Specifications

While you’re searching for a house builder to construct your dream home, one of the most important documents you’ll come across are the builder’s construction specifications. If you think of your home as a delicious, but complicated recipe, the construction specifications are... read more.