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How to Read Home Builders' Construction Specifications


While you’re searching for a house builder to construct your dream home, one of the most important documents you’ll come across are the builder’s construction specifications. If you think of your home as a delicious, but complicated recipe, the construction specifications are all the ingredients that go into your home. Of course there is more than one way to build a beautiful home and each home builder in Edmonton and St.Albert will have their own construction specifications, effectively, they all follow different recipes.

For the most part, the majority of custom home builders, such as Kanvi Homes, can change their specifications to meet your needs. Typically, all the specifications are included with the price.  Any item missing, or not to your satisfaction can be added for a cost and included items that aren’t important to you may be removed for a credit.  


Now there are a few key ingredients that must be included in every builder’s recipe. The Alberta Building Code is set forth by the Province of Alberta and defines the minimums that must be included when building a new home. All brand new homes in new home communities must follow these rules. For example, all new home construction must start with a 'soil bearing test.' This ensures that your home won’t shift too much once it’s finished. An item such as this on the construction specifications is an example of a process that we all do the same, and must do.

All home builders are different, and how we present our specifications range dramatically. This is where you will see the biggest difference between home builders large and small. 


At Kanvi Homes, we decided long ago that being detailed with our specifications is the best way to go. That allows us to be transparent so you know exactly what you’re getting in your new homeNo hidden ingredients here.  For all builders specifications, make sure that brand names, model numbers and product names are listed. It is important to know the brand of the furnace, plumbing fixtures, HRV and appliances.  Not all products are built the same so ensure you are getting the quality and reputation you desire.


One of the best comparisons you can do is go through each section of the specifications of home builders side-by-side and compare them with each other, this way you can see the differences right away. Also, most reputable home builders should be a part of a local home builders association. 


When you're looking to build your dream home, there is a lot of information that you need to review, and the construction specifications are just one of them. Don't get overwhelmed, take your time and ask questions! 



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