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How to read lot maps

At the writing of this article, there is a shortage of available lots to build on. Each new neighbourhood will present a lot map, and there's lots of information that can be missed if not reviewed properly. In this blog post, we'll detail what to be on the look out for and how to make sure you're picking the best lot for your new home. 


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Building Pocket

The building pocket is usually followed by tick indicating the maximum width of the home in feet. When you're looking at our floor plans, you'll notice they have a '32' or another number in the name. That's to denote the pocket size, so for this one a Hybrid32 would fit the building pocket. 



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Walkout indications

Walkout lots can be more desirable if you're going to be spending lots of time in the basement, or want a nicer view from the back of the home. Walkouts and Partial Walkouts are typically indicated with a 'W' and 'PW' respectively. 



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Garage Location

The location of the garage can make a big difference. This of how you're going to be driving up to your home, which way it faces and how you think it'll interact with the other homes on the street. The garages are typically denoted with the 'G' in a square. Usually lots that allow for a triple car garage aren't noted. As a rule of thumb, most lots that have a pocket size of over 36' can allow for a triple garage. 



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Sizes in meters

Although many of us use square feet and linear feet as measurements, many lot maps will have meters for the sizes. A quick google check on the size is best if you're not familiar with meters or have trouble visualizing the sizes. 



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Utilities, hydrants, power pedestals and other street furniture

This is where you need to be really mindful of what's around your potential lot. Some people prefer not to live hear a fire hydrant due to the reduced parking and others may avoid having power pedestals in their yards. Most lot maps have a legend that indicate where these types of items will be located in reference to the lots; in the above example this will be a street light. 


We hope you found this information useful, feel free to reach out to us if you're reviewing a lot map and have any questions. 


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