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The Art and Science of Kanvi: Staircase design and structure

Stairs in any Kanvi home are more than just a functional component that move you through the home - they're design focal point that we use to enhance the overall beauty of a home. 


We've been known over the years to have a speciality in stairs and that's by no mistake. We've taken the time, effort and created the space where our stairs can become a key feature. 





Standard Staircase Construction

Our standard stairs are the open riser type. We've found that these help with a few of our design philosophies mainly contemporary and allowing light to bounce around the house. They also add to the open feeling many of our homes have, enhancing sight lines. 


The stairs treads are made from 2.25" thick laminated beam material. It's the same material that's in your basement holding up the rest of your home. This is about double thick as most for an open riser. Reasoning here is that the thicker the tread, the less movement happens which in turn will keep the stairs quiet squeak free. They also look strong and modern! 






Always open to the basement

As part of our standard inclusions, we finish the stairwell down into the basement. This allows us a few things that enhance the overall design. For starters, it allows us to remove the door and a wall that's typically found with most. 


From a design perspective, it allows for more space that natural light fills in. This is where we see many of our clients favour Kanvi, the bright staircase down becomes a major feature. 


Another benefit with this addition is the cost reduction that comes if the basement is finished at a later date. A big part of finishing the basement is wrapping the stairs in carpet, railings, drywalling and finishing. Now, this is already completed going forward. 


Common upgrades

If our standard staircase still leaves you wanting more, we've got many option we can do. 





Glass with steel stanchions - either stainless steel or powder coated. 

One of the more common upgrades we see clients choose it to the railings. The above shows the 10-mil glass with a powder coated steel stanchion. This is a lovely upgrade that replaces the wood that's normal on the railings and removes the visual barrier that the stained wood that usually has. 







Hardwood risers stained to match the flooring colour

Many prefer to have a carpet free home, and decide to remove the carpet from the stairs. This really adds a stunning look that ads to the overall style of the home. 


However, hardwood risers can be a little slippery. Those that have a bit of trouble with balance, older families or children run the risk of slipping and falling.






Metal staircases structure with hardwood risers

To some, the sides of the staircases, known as the stringers, can feel a bit heavy or thick. If that's something you'd like to avoid, upgrading to a full metal staircase allows a much lighter style, that doesn't add that visual thickness. 


Full metal staircases like the above are very unique and open up more design possibilities like having the glass sitting within the metal from, adding hardwood under the landing and more. 




Centre stringers with hardwood treads, lights and more. 

Like anything with custom home building, the sky can be the limit. There's centre stringer staircases that can be constructed out of wood or metal, glass treads and more. Like any custom details in your home, there's knowing if you'll find value in the extra costs or if that budget allocation is better spent on something you might enjoy more. 


Here at Kanvi, we've always believed that great design is the marriage of form and function. This guiding principle has us examine spaces, bringing beauty and functionality forward and designing staircases that are more that a functional piece - they're a work of art. 




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