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How to Define Value in a New Home.

When you’re looking to choose your home builder in Edmonton or St. Albert, the best way to select them is by defining their value. Value and price aren’t mutually exclusive, as value is different for every person. Today, it seems like there’s too many promotions and discounts to consider. The real questions that you need to be asking yourself when deciding on a new home is if you’re getting good value for the investment you are making. 

Here are the 4 steps to defining if you're getting the value you deserve in your new home.



Step 1: Take your time to figure out what is valuable to you.

Everyone will value what items you get in your new home differently. Do you want a walkout home? How about hi-tech upgrades? Maybe an impressive kitchen? Each of these items reflect what you should be looking at regarding the design of a new home. 

Things to think about while talking a walk through our show homes:

  • How does each day start?

  • Where will I spend most of my time in the home?

  • Does the community fit within my commute?

  • Is the home the right size for my needs?

  • How do I want my new home to feel?

  • Do I host events?

  • Where do you see yourself and your family in 5 years, 10 years?

This step should involve talking with your family, and finding what would make their lives better with the new home, this way, you can make sure everyone's wants and needs are addressed. Your home builder should also review all of the items and more with you.

Step 2: What's behind the walls counts too.

How the home is built is just as important as how the home looks once it's completed. It's hard to value these items, because some of them will never be seen, but they can definitely be felt. For example, at Kanvi Homes, we spray foam all our rim joists, this increases insulation and helps with energy efficiency. We think it's important, but it's something you'll never see. The construction specifications are a detailed list of ingredients that go into your home. 


When your examine the construction specifications, you should make sure;

  • Brand names are used

  • Details of the foundation, framing, roof, walls, flooring and HVAC are all included

  • Every item that you value should be noted, if not, make sure you clarify if having those important items cost more

Check out our last blog post about how to read home builders' construction specifications.


Step 3: How is the experience?

This is where all home builders vary the most; the experience while building a home. We're not going to sugar coat it, building a home can be stressful. You will have to make decisions that will effect you for the years to come. Do you want a modern home builder? You'll have to pick colours, finishes, flooring, carpet, cabinets and so on. A good home builder will understand what you're going through, and be there at all times to advise you along the way. For example at Kanvi Homes, we've invested in technology and infrastructure to make the experience as seamless as possible. We understand the process our clients go through, and we're here to help them at each milestone. If you choose Kanvi Homes or not, make sure the experience is well documented and explained. The experience includes from the Sales team and preliminary design work, to the pre-construction process and interior design, to the construction and build, and even the warranty post-possession.

For making sure the process is up to your expectations, ask;

  • Who is my contact through the construction of my new home?

  • How many walk-throughs do I get?

  • Who does the inspections, and when?

  • How do you handle warranty issues?

  • What additional documentation do I get?

Step 4: Decisions, decisions, decisions!

They're never easy! Now time to decide on which home builder you want to use. Remember, you know what you've decided is valuable, you've reviewed your builder's specifications and all questions have been answered. The experience sounds as if it will live up to your expectations. There's much more to consider when building your dream home and this is just a start. 

Always remember;

  • Ask your home builder for referrals

  • Check out Facebook and Houzz or other websites that have reviews from actual customers

  • Visit our show homes as many times as you need

  • Check out the neighborhood you want to call home, is there lots of SOLD signs for your builder? 

  • Ask as many questions as you can, the more the better!

At Kanvi Homes, we've made sure we address all of the items in this blog post, and we understand how important they are. That's the Kanvi Style of building a home.


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