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New and upcoming schools in our communities

If you have a family or are planning one soon one of the decisions you'll have to face is where the kids will be attending school. If you've already read What to consider when choosing your community you know how important balancing all the factors, including a new school, can impact greatly where you decide to call home. Below is a list of all the new schools in Edmonton and St.Albert that have formally been announced. 


Edmonton Catholic Schools:

St. John XXIII (K-9)

Available for the communities of One at Windermere, Ambleside, Jagare Ridge, Arbors of Keswick and the One at Keswick

Website: https://www.ecsd.net/schools/1969/Pages/default.aspx


St. Thomas Aquinas (K-9)

Available for the community of Jagare Ridge

Website: https://www.ecsd.net/schools/1971/Pages/default.aspx


St. Bonaventure Elementary School (K-6)

Available for the Community of Manning Village

Website: https://www.ecsd.net/schools/8054/Pages/Default.aspx


Edmonton Public Schools:

Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour (K-9)

Available for the community of Ambleside

Website: http://margaretannarmour.epsb.ca/


Dr. Lila Fahlman School

Available for the Community of Cavanagh

Website: http://lilafahlman.epsb.ca/


Kim Hung (K-9)

Opening in January 2018

Available for the community of Granville

Website: https://www.epsb.ca/schools/newschoolsandmodernizations/granville/


Constable Daniel Woodall (K-6)

Available for the community of One at Windermere

Website: http://constabledanielwoodall.epsb.ca/


Kirkness School (K-6)

Available for the community of Manning Village 

Website: http://kirkness.epsb.ca/


John D. Bracco (7-9)

Available for the community of Manning Village 

Website: http://johndbracco.epsb.ca/




St. Albert Catholic Schools:

Sister Alphonse Academy (K-9)

Opening in September 2018

Available for the community of Jensen Lakes (St. Albert) and Erin Ridge North

Website: https://www.gsacrd.ab.ca/administration/new-school-capital-projects-modernizations/sister-alphonse-academy-opening-2018


St. Albert Public Schools:

Joseph M. Demko (K-9)

Opening in September 2018

Available for the all communities in St. Albert including Jensen Lakes

Website: http://www.spschools.org/joseph-m-demko-school



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