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Ready to get your new home? Read this first.

Have you decided it's time? Ready to realize your dream home? That's great, and we're honoured that you would consider Kanvi. Building a home is a complex and complicated process with many moving parts. We want you to understand all the different parts where you're involved, and we've highlighted the key steps that we take below. 



The Discovery Meeting

Our entire process begins with getting to know you and your family. We want to build the perfect home for you, so a big part of that is building a relationship with you and understanding not just what you want, but who you are. We’ll go over your wish list, both form and function, so it’s best to compile a Houzz Ideabook or a Pinterest board with images that demonstrate style and specificity. When you come to the discovery meeting with your hopes and dreams (and your dislikes, too), our team can create a design suited to your preferences. If you haven’t already selected a community, we’ll discuss what you’re looking for, what amenities you want, and your lifestyle to help you choose the right neighbourhood for your family. Whether your vision is specific or vague, we use communication and transparency to ensure that we fully comprehend your wants, needs, preferences, and must-haves before we move to the next stage. Plus, at this meeting, we outline the entire process for you, so you know what to expect, what will happen and when, and what decisions you’ll need to make. We’re your partners on this journey, we guide and advise you from start to finish.


Features like this glass wall are one of our model options from Kanvi Select models.


Model Selection and Customization or Personalization

After the discovery meeting, we’ll have made suggestions on the best model to be your dream home. Once you’ve narrowed down the community you want and the models you like, we’ll meet to discuss selection and modifications. Sometimes you might have chosen a model for certain features, but we can offer a different model that’s better suited, like we did with Joanna and Taylor. Either way, we walk you through each model, guide you through the floor plans, and discuss any changes you want to make. There's two paths that you can take depending on what your dream home entails. We have our Select Line of models that offer efficient and cost effective ways to customize or our Custom Line of models where you can change as much as you like. There’s no pressure to decide at this meeting, our team happily communicates and answers questions via phone or email to help you make the best choice – no matter how long it takes. As soon as we’ve made the final decisions on layout and chosen that perfect lot we’ll discuss pricing before moving onto signing the purchase agreement. 


Finalizing the Purchase Agreement

We've made it! Having some anxiety and being nervous is completely normal as getting to this point of the process can be the most stressful. We're always here to review everything in as much detail as you desire. Our Purchase Agreement covers the pricing of the home, expectations, all the features and what the process is like. Typically this signing this documents takes about 1-1.5 hours, and we're happy to meet you at your work, home or a coffee shop. We find that there's lots of questions, and that's great! We can answer any of them and give you more resources to research. Most of our Purchase Agreements have a 'condition' to them. This means, in order for the Purchase Agreement to be valid, both the builder (Kanvi in this case) and the client must satisfy an agreed upon condition which istypically financing. This puts the majority of the power of the document in your hands, and you have the final say when the agreement is valid. Once you've removed the condition (which if you're using a mortgage is a document from you financial institution) we say the agreement is full and valid. Congratulations! You will now have a Kanvi home to call your own. 



Onto our Pre-construction process!

As the name implies, preconstruction encompasses the planning stages that are necessary before beginning construction. Because we want to build the home you need and the home you want, and we’re committed to making the homebuilding process as stress-free as possible, our preconstruction process includes, exterior and interior design selection meetings, and then finalizing your construction plans a.k.a your blueprints. We simplify the preconstruction process by connecting you with the experts responsible for each individual stage.


Exterior and Interior Design Selections

 At these meetings, we get down to the details about how your home will look, inside and out, and how it will function. From colour palettes to flooring, from appliances to lighting, and from features like fireplaces, staircases, front doors, and kitchens, we’ll tackle one item or room at a time, helping you to keep things consistent and complementary. Learn more about how to prepare for these meetings here.


Construction Documents

While the industry standard is to provide 10-12 page documents, at Kanvi, we give our clients comprehensive, detailed 30-40 page documents – the ultimate encyclopedia of your new home. This document details every aspect of your home right down to measurements and materials (which means it can be a bit overwhelming) so we're available to sit down with you to walk you through each page and answer all your questions. However, these documents aren’t set in stone, if you see something that’s not quite right or that you want to change, we’re eager to accommodate. Plus, we’ll let you know if there are revisions or upgrades you can make to increase your home’s efficiency or functionality. If you have changes to the documents, we’ll make the changes and go over them again before finalizing. Many of our clients worry that they have too many changes or that we’ll say no to changing something late in the preconstruction process, but this is why we have a preconstruction process, to make sure everything is perfect before we begin construction. This is your home and we’re here to build it.


From here, we go onto our build process and usually within one year from signing the Purchase Agreement you'll be moving into your brand new Kanvi Home. 


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